a increasingly complex and fast changing world

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ITOLEAD is an international advisory and management consultancy company who focus on assisting our clients in generating stronger Result and more Innovation - in a increasingly complex and fast changing world - using mainly two elements:

The consultant's business experience and organisational insight
- which can stand alone or  be paired with the client's knowhow

RAM       (find more here)             
ITOLEAD's tool and working method
- which suits people and organizations
which functions and is operational in
  an increasingly complex and fast changing world

The combination of the two (knowhow and RAM) is
- what will rather fast give our clients tangible results and
  long lasting value
- o
ur unique and strong brand

Apart from the above ITOLEAD specialize in
- setting maximum rewarding goals.
- KPIs (in general) and we are the only company in the world,
  being certified by the KPI Association to assist shipping companies
  with their shipping KPI work
- sustainability